Multi-level security common operating picture

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Accenture has created a client that maintains a synchronized COP for STK users across different networks and security levels.

Warfighters and decision makers need the same picture of the battlefield at their fingertips to make informed decisions. But different military personnel have different security classifications, and accessing the same information can be a challenge. During AGI’s recent Users’ Conference Tour, our good friend Nick Gavin from Accenture shared how his company is resolving this issue for STK users. Getting STK data from a lower-level security network to a higher one usually requires copying the data to a CD and “sneaker-netting” it up. This not only isn’t efficient; it delays access to a synchronized common operating picture (COP) from hours to days. Accenture has created a plug-in for STK that gives users instant access to data at or below their classification level.

How does it work? The Accenture Multi-Level Access Solution (AMLAS), a Multi-Level Security (MLS) data server, is integrated right into the STK GUI. Data connections are managed through GUI forms within STK and data is converted to objects using our Object Model application programming interface. Sound like something your organization might benefit from? Read the full case study or download Nick’s Users’ Conference Tour PowerPoint presentation and video.


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