Share your plugins and apps in the AGI marketplace

AGI’s upcoming “Marketplace” will be a one-stop shop for downloading software, plugins, apps and other product-related resources. While AGI has generated more than enough material to satiate even the most ardent STK appetite, we want to extend an invitation to our user community to contribute, too.

We are currently looking for partner-developed plugins and applications that extend and enhance STK. Plugins can modify an STK computation or add modeling capabilities that are not available out of the box. They can also be used to create custom user interfaces.

Ideas for possible plugins include custom force and performance models; access and communications constraints; Vector Geometry Tool components; and transmitter and receiver models. These ideas are just a sampling of what is possible; we would like to hear what you have done.

Tell us about your plugin or application or learn more about the AGI Marketplace by e-mailing You can download existing plugins now via the AGI Developer Network.


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Stefanie Claypoole is AGI's corporate communications manager. And an Emily Dickinson fan.
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