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If you’re concerned that your tin foil hat isn’t robust enough to protect you from falling space debris during the de-orbit of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) this Friday, fear not, there’s only a 1-in-20 trillion risk that a piece of the wayward spacecraft will collide with you personally.

But if that risk level is still too high, and you haven’t yet booked your ticket to the North or South pole to escape the +/- 57 degree latitude swath of Earth that’s potentially in the drop zone, then we have an app for you.

Satellite AR Main Menu

A temporary UARS button appears on Satellite AR, until Friday

There’s a new button on the main menu of Satellite AR, allowing you to point your Android phone at the sky and look for the UARS orbit track. If you see it headed your way, run! Just kidding, the debris zone will be 500 miles long, so there’s no need to try to run.

In spite of the jestful fear-mongering above, de-orbits like this one happen almost every year, and typically are not cause for concern. NASA dutifully keeps everyone updated with refined estimates on their UARS Update Page.

Still, you may want to try to spot UARS in the sky before it’s gone for good, and for that, your best option is our Android app.

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  3. emackey says:

    UPDATE: Our server is having a lot of trouble keeping up with demand today, due to widespread UARS news coverage. The app’s main menu isn’t even showing up for some users. We’re working on the problem, thanks for your patience.

    • Charles says:

      Having trouble loading Satellite AR menu with Android app. It worked great last night when I downloaded the app. Tried it a few times… worked great: tonight? Nothing. Goes into Offline Demo Mode. I have a connection by both wifi network and GPS. Any advice or should I just wait out the problem?

  4. Vinjamsrikanth says:

    So we think there will be no harm for any person on our planet thank for desineing this web site

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