North Korea missile launch interactive WebGL simulation

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The above demo is the simulation comparison of the planned trajectory and an estimate of the failure.

The above interactive demo is the North Korea Unha-3 launch simulation created before launch from open information on the internet. The STSS satellite is completely notional in this example.

The simulations were created in STK and then published in our upcoming web-based, plugin-free JavaScript framework that uses WebGL to visualize time-varying data relevant to the aerospace and defense industry.

This simulation was created before launch with information from the Internet. We’ll update this simulation as details emerge about the failure.

NOTE: Since that this simulation is based on WebGL, an open standard for displaying 3D content in a web browser; it requires a WebGL compatible browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can install the Chrome Frame plug-in, otherwise you can use any WebGL compatible browser; such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You should also update your video card drivers to the latest version avaialble from your manufacturer.

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