AGI welcomes former SMC exec Ron Thompson, Jr.; promotes Travis Langster

AGI is pleased to announce the hiring of Col Ronald Thompson, Jr., USAF, Retired, former chief of the U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s (SMC’s) Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Division. Thompson will serve as AGI’s vice president of business development for strategic projects, focusing on customer success with AGI products. Thompson brings 14 years of senior executive managerial and leadership experience to AGI, with expertise including ground/space systems, missile warning systems, missile defense systems, space control systems, Command & Control (C2) systems and space surveillance systems.

In addition, Travis Langster, formerly director of Space Situational Awareness Business Development at AGI, has been promoted to vice president, DoD and Intel Space. Langster has played a key role in helping the space and military communities implement applications of AGI’s software technology and providing strategic solutions for national security systems and programs at DoD and intelligence organizations such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, NRO and NSA, while also supporting international allies and partners.

Read both press releases here.


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