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Michael Dunkel is a software developer working on AGI Components.

New! Auto-Routing Library

Generated route of an aircraft taking off from a launch point, searching a region and three target points and then landing at a recovery point.

The Auto-Routing Library is now available for .NET, Java and Silverlight! STK Components users can now automatically generate routes for multiple aircraft to search target regions, avoid cordon areas and more. The Auto-Routing Library is the result of a partnership … Continue reading

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New! Orbit Propagation Library

Orbit track showing perturbations from the effects of the Earth's Oblateness.

Orbit Propagation Library is now available in the AGI Components 2011 r6 release for .NET, Java, and Silverlight! Go to the ADN Download Center for more information and to view the Orbit Propagation Library Documentation Overview. Users can now propagate … Continue reading

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Promoting AccessQuery over AccessComputation

We recommend that our users migrate to use AccessQuery over AccessComputation to compute access. Continue reading

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