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Shannon is a Systems Engineer and works closely with the training team at AGI

Find the ISS with Your Valentine

Find the ISS with Your Valentine

Have you ever sat outside at night, looked up and seen “stars” moving across the clear sky? I bet they weren’t stars! You probably saw a satellite moving across the sky right above you! Maybe even the International Space Station … Continue reading

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New Level 2 – STK Master Certification Test Released!

Our STK Certification program has two levels: Level 1 – STK Certified Level 2 – STK Master Certified Our Level 1 Certification test has always mapped directly to our STK Help Level 1 – Beginner training. Once you go through … Continue reading

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Are you STK Certified??

Are you STK Certified??

In February of 2014, we updated our training curriculum and our STK Certification Program in conjunction with the STK 10.1 release. We decided to base STK Certification on proficiency by adding an entry-level Certification called STK Certified. In turn, our … Continue reading

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