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Evaluators in AGI Components 2008 r3

The other day, I announced the release of AGI Components 2008 r3.  Today I'd like to talk about one of the bigger changes in that release.

Previously (here and here) I discussed some changes I was planning to make to Evaluators and EvaluatorGroups.  Those two blog posts are a pretty accurate representation of what actually ended up shipping in 2008 r3, so here I will skip the implementation details and instead focus on what the changes mean to you as a user of the libraries.

If you're a casual user of AGI Components and Dynamic Geometry Library, all you really need to know is this: creating evaluators in 2008 r3 is often several times faster than it was in 2008 r2!  Ted Driver over at the nog found that his application that computes navigation accuracy over a grid was over 4 times faster when running against r3.

If you're an AGI Components power user (hey, you're reading this blog, you qualify) there are a few things you should know about the new system. Read on.

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New release: AGI Components 2008 r3

The team is pleased to announce the release of AGI Components 2008 r3!

This release includes a number of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to Dynamic Geometry Library, Navigation Accuracy Library, and Terrain Analysis Library.  Check out the release notes for a list of new features.

As always, the AGI Components 2008 r3 development kit is a free download from the AGI Developer Network (ADN).  Download it from here.