Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Using AGI Components with Matlab

If you're a user of Matlab, you'll find this interesting.  With the release of Matlab version 2009a (7.8) on Windows machines, Matlab now supports using .Net libraries natively.  This means that you can use the Microsoft .Net framework in Matlab, but more importantly, you can now use the AGI Components in Matlab.  Sometimes you can't just create new tools from scratch - you're forced into working within a specific environment.  For a lot of engineers, that means Matlab.  In the past, when new technologies came along that showed promise, you'd have to hope it worked with Matlab.  In fact, that's why we built the STK/Matlab interface - so that you could enjoy the benefits of STK inside your Matlab environment.

Now that AGI has developed our AGI Components, and now that Matlab supports using .Net libraries, you have further options when deciding how to work in your Matlab environment.

In this blog, I'll show you how to setup and use the components for some simple analyses and, as a bonus, I'll show you how you can use our newest component, Insight3D from Matlab as well.

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