New Release: AGI Components 2010 r5

AGI Components 2010 r5 is now available! Here are the links:

There's a bunch of exciting new stuff in this release. First and foremost: Route Design Library. Route Design Library makes it easy to define an aircraft, ship, or ground vehicle route using waypoints, holding patterns, and more. It is a huge usability improvement over the WaypointPropagator.

Also in this release are two long-awaited Insight3D features. The new BingMapsForEnterpriseImageGlobeOverlay class makes it easy to show detailed Microsoft Bing Maps (formerly Microsoft Virtual Earth) imagery on the Insight3D globe.

Microsoft Bing Maps for Enterprise

Second, this release introduces per-item picking, which makes it much easier to determine which individual item in a primitive batch was picked.

AGI Components 2010 r5 includes many more features than I've mentioned here, and some important bug fixes. Please take a look at the complete list of what's new (linked above) and upgrade as soon as you're able!