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Building web services using AGI Components

As part of an effort to promote our "Software in any Form" message, I recently made a video that demonstrates the ease with which one can build web services using AGI Components. In this video, I build a simple web service to calculate intervisibility intervals between an orbiting satellite and a location on the ground during a specified analysis interval. The orbit of the satellite is calculated using the Two Line Element Sets (TLEs) for the satellite, which we propagate using the SGP4 progagator that is part of the Dynamic Geometry Library. The position of the ground location is specified using Latitude and Longitude. Of course, since the whole video is about 10-15 minutes, I use Visual Studio macros to insert the code (I didnt have the heart to make you watch me type). All in all, its about 80-100 lines of code. And its a good demonstration of how cool AGI Components are! BTW, the macros used to generate the code in the video can be downloaded from here - VS2005Macros. Load them up in VS2005. Looking at the still in the video, someone commented that I look like an axe murderer! So yeah, feel free to make fun of me :-)