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AGI Components from an Engineer’s Perspective

By: Richard C. Page III

My Background and Perspective

My background is in aerospace engineering, but I have a fair amount of computer science built up over the years. So, I tend to think of myself as an “Engineer who can write software”. While I still think like an engineer, I also embrace the fascinating and powerful abstractions of object oriented analysis and design. Engineering in the 21st Century is often about systems of systems. Existing tools and components are reintegrated into new systems to accomplish new tasks without needing to re-engineer them from fundamental principles. Object-orientated software is well suited for this sort of design. With Dynamic Geometry Library (DGL), we take the analysis required by engineers and create an implementation which is scaleable and extensible so we can represent progressively more complex systems with simple interfaces. This way, analysts can focus more on the systems and less on the implementation and fundamental physics.

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