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October 13, 2010

New blog location…

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The Engine blog site is moving to a new location!

All the AGI blogs are being consolidated at As result the STK Engine articles will no longer be posted here. Instead they will now be available at: Peter has already posted a new article at that location about transforming between ECF and ECI using the new VGT API. Also don't forget to update your feed reader to now point to the new RSS feed for STK Engine:

September 21, 2010

Vector Geometry Tool API in STK 9.2 – Part 2

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In this article I will continue the discussion about the new Vector Geometry Tool API. Last time we talked about the VGT points. Today's topic is the VGT planes.

Vector Geometry Planes

Plane components define 2D planes placed and oriented in 3D space and are one of the fundamental geometric constructs available through the Vector Geometry Tool API. Planes are useful for defining other elements, such as flight path angles, dihedral angles, etc. A plane can be defined using a point and a normal vector to the plane, through three points, or by selecting a quadrant from a reference coordinate system (e.g., XY, XZ, YX, YZ, ZX, ZY). (more...)

September 20, 2010

STK 9.2.1 is out!

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STK 9.2.1 is out! You can download the new release from the ADN download center (direct link to the 9.2.1 download). The release notes are also available online here. For STK & Engine developers, the main new feature in this release is that the Vector Geometry Tool API is no longer beta and is now official!

August 19, 2010

Fix for Visual Studio 2010: Failed to import ActiveX control…

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A fix is now available from Microsoft for the Visual Studio 2010 issue that causes a design time error when adding our Engine ActiveX controls to the form designer. (more...)

July 7, 2010

STK Engine Online Showcase

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A sidebar in the February 2010 issue of Inview alluded to running STK Engine in a browser. To demonstrate this capability we created a showcase now available online at the following URL: (more...)

June 15, 2010

AGI Java API 9.2 Component Runtime Reparenting

Filed under: Java — Matt @ 8:34 am

The AGI Java API provides 3D, 2D and GfxAnalysis components to be used within AWT/Swing based Java user interface (UI) applications.  A run-time change was made in the AGI Java API 9.2 release to maintain the state of these three UI components across "re-parenting" operations like minimize, maximize, docking, add and remove from parent containers. The following videos demonstrates the different run-time behaviors apparent between the pre/post AGI Java API 9.2 releases.

May 16, 2010

Vector Geometry API (Beta) – Part Uno

Vector Geometry Tool API is now out and available as beta with STK 9.2. With the Vector Geometry Tool API developers and engineers can programmatically manipulate existing or create custom geometric constructs in order to perform analysis and/or visualization. (more...)

May 13, 2010

STK 9.2 is out!

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STK is 9.2 is out! You can download the new release from ADN here. The release notes are also available online here. Besides the STK enhancements, this release also adds (beta) support for the Vector Geometry Tool to the STK Object Model. This is a brand new library! More details to come on this blog in the next days. Stay tuned!

April 26, 2010

STK/STK Engine Plugins for Java

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The STK and STK Engine products have provided custom plug-in points in STK / STK Engine for many years now.  These custom plug-ins could be written in C#, C++, VBScript, JScript, and a few other languages.  However, the ability to write these plug-ins in Java was not available until STK / STK Engine 9.1.  General documentation for the AGI Java Plug-in API can be found online.  This article's goal is to provide a few in-depth details that will enable you to gain a greater understanding and more efficient use of this API.


April 15, 2010

Visual Studio 2010: Failed to import ActiveX control…

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Update to this post available here.

Visual Studio 2010 shipped earlier this week. Some of you have already tried to use STK Engine within the new IDE, and reported a problem to us. Basically, using the STK Engine ActiveX controls in the designer fails with the following error: "Failed to import ActiveX control. Please ensure it is properly registered.". We are working with Microsoft to resolve this issue (SR#110041547733980). In the meantime and until a better resolution is identified, this post provides workarounds that will allow you to use STK Engine with VS2010. (more...)

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