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September 21, 2010

Vector Geometry Tool API in STK 9.2 – Part 2

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In this article I will continue the discussion about the new Vector Geometry Tool API. Last time we talked about the VGT points. Today's topic is the VGT planes.

Vector Geometry Planes

Plane components define 2D planes placed and oriented in 3D space and are one of the fundamental geometric constructs available through the Vector Geometry Tool API. Planes are useful for defining other elements, such as flight path angles, dihedral angles, etc. A plane can be defined using a point and a normal vector to the plane, through three points, or by selecting a quadrant from a reference coordinate system (e.g., XY, XZ, YX, YZ, ZX, ZY). (more...)

September 20, 2010

STK 9.2.1 is out!

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STK 9.2.1 is out! You can download the new release from the ADN download center (direct link to the 9.2.1 download). The release notes are also available online here. For STK & Engine developers, the main new feature in this release is that the Vector Geometry Tool API is no longer beta and is now official!

May 16, 2010

Vector Geometry API (Beta) – Part Uno

Vector Geometry Tool API is now out and available as beta with STK 9.2. With the Vector Geometry Tool API developers and engineers can programmatically manipulate existing or create custom geometric constructs in order to perform analysis and/or visualization. (more...)

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