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August 18, 2009

Visual Studio Tools for STK9 1.0

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Visual Studio Tools for STK9 is a new download on the ADN Download Center. This package adds a set of tools and utilities to Visual Studio, facilitating the development of STK Engine applications and STK plugins. The following capabilities are added to the Visual Studio IDE (C# and VB.Net): Toolbox controls, IntelliSense Code Snippets, and Add STK Reference context menu.

Visual Studio Requirements
Both Visual Studio 2005 (SP1 recommended) and Visual Studio 2008 (SP1 recommended) are supported. The minimal edition required is Visual Studio Standard Edition (the Express editions of Visual Studio do not support extensibility).

Toolbox controls
A new tab containing the STK Engine controls is added to the Visual Studio toolbox.


This removes the need to manually insert the controls into the toolbox using the Choose Items context menu. Also, this tab will remain available even after resetting your toolbox.

IntelliSense Code Snippets
All the code snippets shipped in the STK 9 help system are now at your fingertips in the Visual Studio code editor! Select the Insert Snippet context menu and navigate to the [ AGI STK 9 ] entry.


There are 228 snippets available, organized in folders for easy navigation. Two languages are supported: VB.Net and C#. These snippets use the usual Visual Studio replacement capability for variables and literals, allowing you to substitute these variables and literals with the ones from your project on the fly. Here is a short video showing how to use these snippets:


Add STK Reference
A new [ Add STK Reference... ] menu is added to the Visual Studio Solution Explorer (and the other locations where you can add a reference):


This menu gives you an easy and quick way to insert a reference for the STK API libraries. It brings up the following dialog box:


Both the STK Engine & STK Plugins libraries are included (saving the inconvenience of having to locate the AGI assemblies in the COM tab from the regular References dialog). You can quickly select one or many STK assemblies to be added to your project.



  1. Thanks for this plugin !
    It is an excellent plugin and I really appreciate to use it.
    Especially the code snippet !!! Very simple et very useful. A few saved seconds each you use a code snippet…

    ;-) ;-) -;)

    Comment by leny — September 4, 2009 @ 6:45 am

  2. The snippets are a really good idea.
    We already use some but yours are really complete.

    However STK Engine newbies often use Visual Studio Express.
    So they can’t install this tool.

    Can you add the snippets folders in the archive?

    Comment by Etienne — September 9, 2009 @ 3:12 am

  3. Hi Etienne,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have just made available a new version of the Visual Studio tools that now supports installing the snippets in the Visual Studio Express editions. For more information see


    Comment by Sylvain — January 31, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

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