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March 16, 2009

What’s cooking in STK Engine 9.0…

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Hi everybody! Sorry for not posting more articles on this blog for the last couple of months. We have been busy working on STK 9.0! We have lots of exciting Engine features currently in the final stages of development (this is in addition of many, many new features in the STK Desktop application as well, both on the user interface usability and the computational capabilities). The STK 9 Seminar Series will be held tomorrow and will be a good occasion to learn about these new features.

So, back to Engine... Here is a list of all the new major features in 9. I might have forgotten a few... In the next posts we will describe in more detail some of these features. Let us know if you are particularly interested in a specific feature, and we will devote an article to it!

  • Java API
    • Added support for Eclipse RCP framework (SWT). You can now use the STK X controls and the object model libraries directly from your SWT application. It is no longer necessary to use a AWT-SWT bridge.
    • Improved initialization flexibility.
  • STK X library
    • Added ability to check for specific licenses/capabilities.
    • Added ability to draw line annotations (before only rectangle annotations were supported).
    • Added support for 3D Object Editing.
    • Added ability to use custom mouse cursors (both for map and globe controls).
    • Added customizable load progress indicator (both for map and globe controls).
    • Improved load time.
  • STK Objects library
    • Added support for realtime & GPS propagators.
    • Added support for realtime attitude.
    • Added support for Attitude & Ephemeris export tools.
    • New events:
      • Percent complete:
        • OnPercentCompleteBegin
        • OnPercentCompleteEnd
        • OnPercentCompleteUpdate
      • OnScenarioBeforeSave.
      • Animation:
        • OnAnimationStep.
        • OnAnimationStepBack.
        • OnAnimationSlower.
        • OnAnimationFaster.
      • OnStkObjectChanged.
    • Support for one point access.
    • Added ability to check for specific licenses/capabilities.
    • Added support for MTO analysis (position, field of view, range, visibility).
    • Added ability to query vehicles position and velocity at a specified time (without having to go through data providers).
    • Added coarse grained interfaces to simplify some common coding tasks.
    • Facilitated common access patterns to data providers.
  • STK Astrogator library
    • This is a brand new library.
    • Full Astrogator Early Bound Object Model (similar to STK Objects but for the Astrogator propagator).
  • STK Util library
    • New conversion utilities: perform conversions with positions, orientations, directions and orbit states.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Now PIAs (.Net Primary Interop Assemblies) are provided with the STK libraries. This improves the Intellisense support in Visual Studio.
    • Improved help system:
      • VS2005 look and feel.
      • Language filters.
    • Addition of code snippets. ~200 C# code snippets have been added to the help system. These snippets will also be made available on ADN as Visual Studio code snippets.

Another (non Engine) significant feature for developers is the new User Interface plugin capability. This will allow you to plug your own user interface toolbars, context menus and panels into the STK Desktop User Interface. This capability relies on the same libraries to manipulate the STK scenario objects. This offers a new option when you want to add a new tool to the existing STK User Interface (before the only possibility was to create custom HTML pages).

In conclusion, the statistics below on our APIs will enable you to get a grasp of the size of the release:

  • ~220 classes/interfaces added with ~1350 new properties and ~530 new methods.
  • ~620 enumeration values added.
  • ~110 properties added to existing types.
  • ~60 methods added to existing types.

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