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January 29, 2010

Update on mono

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Previously in this blog I wrote an article about using STK Engine with mono (see here). At that time, mono supported running a purely analytical STK Engine application, but with some limitations. One of the limitations found was the lack of proper support for passing arrays as parameters to the STK Engine methods (i.e. marshalling of COM safearrays between managed and unmanaged code). Since then, I have contributed two patches (r136836 and r149817) to the mono code base that address these issues. (more...)

November 3, 2008


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Update to this post available here

In the past few months a couple of requests for information have been posted on ADN forums regarding using STK Engine (4DX) with mono on Linux (see here and here). This question also comes up from time to time directly from customers. In the past the missing piece has been COM interop (STK Engine is written in C++ with the API exposed to .Net using COM Interop). Therefore when mono 2.0 came out at the beginning of October the mention of better COM interop support sparked my interest. From Miguel de Icaza's blog announcing mono 2.0: «COM interop is now complete (works on Windows with "real COM" and can be used on Unix with Mainsoft's COM or Mozilla's XPCOM)». However I could not find anywhere a list of what is or is not supported at this point. The documentation is somehow sparse, or outdated and still referring to mono 1.1 in most places. So I decided to take a look and evaluate what is possible (more...)

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