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May 16, 2010

Vector Geometry API (Beta) – Part Uno

Vector Geometry Tool API is now out and available as beta with STK 9.2. With the Vector Geometry Tool API developers and engineers can programmatically manipulate existing or create custom geometric constructs in order to perform analysis and/or visualization. (more...)

May 13, 2010

STK 9.2 is out!

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STK is 9.2 is out! You can download the new release from ADN here. The release notes are also available online here. Besides the STK enhancements, this release also adds (beta) support for the Vector Geometry Tool to the STK Object Model. This is a brand new library! More details to come on this blog in the next days. Stay tuned!

May 18, 2009

What’s New in STK 9: User Interface Plugins

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With the upcoming release of STK 9 we are shipping a new API called “User Interface Plugins” or “UI Plugins”. The purpose of the new API is to allow end users extend the STK User Interface in order to implement custom workflows, automate repetitive tasks, etc. Users will be able to add your custom windows, toolbars and context menus to the STK environment, and receive notifications when their custom UI elements are activated (a button on a toolbar is clicked or a menu item is selected). (more...)

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