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Alpha Version Released

<Update: Insight3d has been officially released.>

The alpha version of Point Break is now complete.  For an alpha, it is packed with features, documentation, and examples.  I also expect it is more stable then most alpha software; well over 20,000 lines of unit test code have been hammering on it several times a day for months.  If you're interested in trying out the alpha, contact Tom Urie at

Before I provide an overview of the major features, I'll show two example projects that ship with the SDK.  We’ve blogged a lot about the data structures and algorithms deep inside Point Break, but we've rarely shown it in action – these examples will change that.  Since we know there's no better way to learn an API than by example, we've provided the HowTo project shown in the video below.

View the higher quality .avi (31.6 meg) if you want to be able to read the text in the video.

This example presents many of the component's capabilities organized by namespace and object. When the user clicks on a task, the 3D window is immediately updated. In addition, the code used to create the visualization is shown in the code view for easy copy and paste.  The HowTo actually reads its own source code to display the code.