Insight3D Publicly Available

We’re excited to announce the release Insight3D.  Visit for product information, and then please give it a try.  You can download it here.

Chances are that you won’t read the documentation first, so I recommend that you open …\Program Files\AGI\AGI Components 2009\r3\Examples\Insight3D\ Examples.sln; then, build and run our How To example pictured below.


This example demonstrates many of our features.  In the left window is a tree of those features.  When you check a feature’s box, it is displayed in the 3D window, and the its code is displayed in the bottom window.  This a quick way to familiarize yourself with Insight3D.


We often talk about usability from the standpoint of user or programming interfaces.  In this case, I’m literally talking about people being able to use our software.  We want everyone to develop with our software, because we believe we have value to offer.

So, for non-commercial use, our software is free.  If you are a commercial developer, you can use our software free for development.  We hope that this will allow many of you in the aerospace and GIS communities to use and evaluate our software.

When deploying our software for commercial use, there is a licensing fee.  Please contact us for pricing.

See our license agreement for the specifics of the software terms of use.


Release Schedule

As part of AGI Components, Insight3D takes on that versioning system.  So instead of 1.0, the first release of Insight3D is 2009 r3, which means release 3 of 2009.  Our versioning system implies multiple releases a year, and that’s correct.  In 2008 for example, there were 8 versions.

Releases on the order of months rather than years means that new features and bug fixes get into your hands sooner.  Additionally, we get feedback sooner, which allows us to fulfill your needs in a timely manner as we plan future releases.


Next up for us is a documentation update and bug fixes release for late July or early August.  Also, expect a series of blog entries that will give you in depth detail of some of our favorite features.  Next up for you is to download Insight3D, right?