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Insight3D and Qt

Qt is a commonly used cross-platform application development framework. If you are building a Qt application for Windows, you can easily embed Insight3D in your application using the Qt Windows Forms Interop Framework.

Getting Started with Insight3D on the Web

At the 2009 AGI User's Conference, we demonstrated new technology that allows Insight3D applications to be deployed over the web.  While we are rolling out the new technology, you can still get started building a web application with a version of Insight3D that is available today.  Because Insight3D is a .NET library, it is easy to develop and deploy your applications over the web so that they can be run in virtually any web browser on the Windows platform, and even in browser-enabled applications, like Google Earth. In the first part of this blog series, I’ll take you through the basics of getting started developing an Insight3D web application for deployment on your intranet.



SIGGRAPH 2009 Trip Report

Siggraph2009Once again, SIGGRAPH was jam packed with the latest in computer graphics.  For the areas we're interested in, this year seemed a little more incremental than last year, probably because last year had big announcements, including Larrabee and OpenGL 3.  Nonetheless, we were exposed to plenty of ideas that will help us keep the technology underlying Insight3D on the cutting edge.  I'll hit the highlights in this post.

We tend to spend most of our time in SIGGRAPH courses.  This year, my favorite one was Advances in Real-Time Rendering.   Wolfgang Engel gave a good talk on deferred shading and light pre-pass.  Deferred shading showed up just about everywhere at SIGGRAPH this year, and rightfully so, since it is such a cool technique.  Currently, Insight3D uses so-called forward shading to allow support for a wide array of video cards.