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ADN Code Exchange

If you're developing using Insight3D or any of our components, I'm sure you've come across our developer network: ADN. One area of ADN that is gaining momentum is the Code Exchange, where AGI users and employees share code samples. Recently, I posted two Insight3D examples. A Point in Polygon Test example that shows how to determine if a point on the globe is inside a polygon on the globe. The other example, Drawing Shapes on the Globe, shows how to allow the user to draw polylines and polygons on the globe similar to 3D object editing in STK.

Here's a few screen shots:

Point in Polygon Test:

Drawing Shapes on the Globe:

SIGGRAPH 2010 Follow-Up

AGI had a great presence at SIGGRAPH this year.

You can check out a few of our videos presented at the Dailies on YouTube:

The Fate of the Apollo 13 Crew
Might Have Been Much Different Than Originally Thought

US Airways Flight 1549:
Hudson River Crash Animation With Flight Data

Satellite Collision Visualization:
Technically Accurate Depictions of Debris Breakup and Evolution

Also, I updated the page on our poster, GPU Ray Casting of Virtual Globes, to include the actual poster (2200x2200) in addition to the abstract, video, etc.