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Insight3D now available for Java

Java developers have been able to use AGI Components for Java to build analytical applications since our first Java release earlier this year, but Insight3D remained .NET-only, which made it much harder to visualize your results. I am pleased to announce that as part of our 2010r8 release of AGI Components, Insight3D is now available for Java, on Windows platforms.

Similar to our analysis components, our goal in bringing Insight3D to Java was to bring the same classes and methods available in .NET to Java, while remaining natural to Java developers. To achieve this, we used the same translation process that we used to create Java versions of our analysis libraries, plus an additional automated generation system to create the layer bridging the gap between the .NET and Java API that you use and the underlying native implementation. The result is that the bridge layer is as seamless as possible to you when developing your applications.

By automating much of the process, we can keep the available features consistent between the .NET and Java versions. However, for the first release, certain features have been left out - but only temporarily. Specifically, the 2010r8 release does not include:

  • The Platforms.Graphics and Tracking.Graphics assemblies.
  • KML support.
  • PDTT terrain file conversion.
  • The Bing Maps for Enterprise and WMS-C web imagery overlays.

Future releases of AGI Components will bring these features to Java, and our goal is to release new features in both .NET and Java simultaneously, just as we do for our analysis components.

The system requirements for Insight3D for Java are the same as the rest of AGI Components for Java, with the same additional requirements for operating system and video card as the .NET version of Insight3D. We currently provide an AWT/Swing component for Insight3D, and a SWT control is planned for a future release.