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The Nog –The End

October 08th, 2010 | Category: General Navigation

Eventually, we always come to the end of our Nog, and thus it is with this one as well.  As AGI moves to a more centralized blogging architecture here:, I will no longer be making Nog posts at this location.  AGI assures me that the blogs I have posted here will remain, so feel free to use these as a reference source and continue to comment.  I will repost well read items from here onto our new site:

From now on, I’ll be blogging on our new site:, as one of the regulars.  On The Nog, I’ve been restricted to topics relating to navigation, but on our new site, I can branch out and discuss other things as well.  I will still post navigation related posts at our new site,, and I’ll always tag those posts with the word “Nog” – so we’ll have something special together.  Those of you that have followed me here will know that you are one of the old-timers – “I followed Ted before he started blogging on AGI’s blog site at did you know you can find all of his nav related topics by searching for the tag, Nog?” Right, I’m thinking the same thing.

Some other cool things you can learn at the new site today are:

Show me the perigee! Kicking off the AGI University Grant Competition – Yes, AGI will actually give you money to play with our tools  and create something cool.

How To Transform Between Earth Centered Fixed and Earth Centered Inertial reference frames using Vector Geometry Tool API – I do that all the time, do you?  Find out how here.

A new way to get help on your STK scenarios – did you know about the AGI Data Federate?  Checkout how you can get your scenario to support for them to look at using this technology.

These are just a few of the blogs up today at our new site,, stop by and see what else is happening in our world.

Here’s the address of our new blog site: ; ), be sure to visit often, and grab an RSS feed or two – we update daily.

So, a farewell to the Nog, but as with all good spirits, they live on in new forms, in new blogs. The ship’s lumber may change, but her heart is still at sea.

As always, smooth sailing.

Ted Driver

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